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Learn How Foreign Policy Is Made

Gain knowledge, build skills, and broaden perspectives.

The Tools of Diplomacy with CFR President Richard Haass

About Model Diplomacy

Model Diplomacy offers free National Security Council (NSC) and UN Security Council (UNSC) simulations that present both historical and hypothetical scenarios based on real issues,with content informed by Council on Foreign Relations experts. Cases focus on topics that offer a balance of newsworthiness and evergreen educational value, and are accessible to both high school and college students. Students who participate in a Model Diplomacy simulation gain essential knowledge, build important skills, and broaden perspectives surrounding global issues.

Pop-Up Cases

Pop-up cases are short, one-page scenarios based on issues reverberating in the news today. Use one of the cases below to spark discussion and put your students in the shoes of policymakers.

Ukrainian Flag Against a Backdrop of Smoke

A series of pop-up cases covering Russia's war in Ukraine, its historical context, and its potential consequences for the world.

The main conference area of the White House Situation Room

A series of hypothetical pop-up cases covering the tools policymakers use to conduct foreign policy (paired with World101's Tools of Foreign Policy lessons)

Abraham Lincoln's inaugural address - in front of the Washington State House of Representatives. March 1861

A series of historical pop-up cases covering major foreign policy decisions in U.S. history

Tailor Model Diplomacy to fit your specific needs and circumstances.

Free and adaptable simulations featuring student and instructor guides, multimedia content, research materials, and assessment exercises—everything you need in one program.
One Class
Run a brief simulation that supplements your course.
Two to Three Classes
Run a full, realistic simulation that takes advantage of all that Model Diplomacy has to offer.
Use a Model Diplomacy simulation as the basis for a broader study of foreign policy decision-making.

What users are saying about Model Diplomacy

Allison Stanger
I was quite impressed with how students were so interested that they read well beyond the materials that were provided to them.
Allison Stanger
Professor of International Politics and Economics, Middlebury College
Brian Donlon
It is a tremendous resource.
Brian Donlon
High school teacher, Richard Montgomery High School
Nacy Walbridge COllins
CFR case studies are accessible and appealing, grounded in the realities and nuances of contemporary events, and fully vetted by the world’s top experts.
Nancy Walbridge Collins
Research Fellow at the Arnold A. Saltzman Institute of War and Peace Studies, Columbia University