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Student Instructor

Instructor Guide

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Getting Started

An overview of how to set up a Model Diplomacy simulation.

Pedagogy and Learning

A look at the variety of pedagogical tools that Model Diplomacy uses to create an effective learning experience for students, including project-based learning, twenty-first-century skills, and civic knowledge and skills.


An overview of the choices instructors will make when choosing and building a Model Diplomacy simulation, including choosing between NSC and UNSC, selecting a time frame, and customizing a simulation. 

Using Model Diplomacy in Online Learning

Guidance on how to adapt Model Diplomacy to a remote learning setting, including tips on how best to run a role-play over videoconferencing software.

Role Assignment

Guidance on how to assign roles to students and structure students' involvement in a Model Diplomacy simulation.

Guide to a Simulation

An overview of each of the four sections of a Model Diplomacy simulation, and guidance on how to facilitate each section.

Tips for Running a Successful Role-Play

A review of what is to be expected in each round of an NSC or UNSC simulation, as well as tips for the president and national security advisor (NSC) and president of the UN Security Council (UNSC) during each round.

Grading and Rubrics

Resources for grading assessments and writing assignments included in a Model Diplomacy simulation.