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Model Diplomacy Pop-Up Cases

Pop-up cases are short, one-page scenarios based on issues reverberating in the news today. Use one of the cases below to spark discussion and put your students in the shoes of policymakers.

Tackling Climate Change After the Pandemic: Opportunity or Obstacle?

As the United States emerges from the COVID-19 pandemic into a recession, policymakers need to consider another global crisis: climate change. How should the United States pursue environmental sustainability alongside economic recovery? 

Students will explore the dilemma of how to balance the need for a robust economy to support livelihoods on the one hand with the need to slow climate change and work toward an environmentally sustainable economy on the other. The context of the current recession allows students to consider this long-discussed trade-off in a new light.

Click here to view the pop-up case, published 05/05/2020

Wind turbines in front of a fiery red sunset


The Aftermath of the Pandemic: 

two pop-up cases from the near future

1. Global Recession Recovery

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has indicated that the COVID-19 pandemic, already a global health crisis, will cause a global recession and risks causing a depression without a robust response. What role can and should the United States play in domestic and global economic recovery? 

Click here to view the pop-up case, published 04/09/2020.


2. Preparing for the Next Pandemic

hypothetical pop-up case set in 2025: The world has emerged from COVID-19 and is trying to learn the lessons of the pandemic and prepare for the next one. However, a recent report found many countries are still underprepared. What can and should the United States do to secure global health preparedness before the next pandemic arrives? 

Click here to view the pop-up case, published 04/09/2020.

Photo 1: Closed store signs on a window/ Photo 2: woman walks through room of empty beds

More Pop-Up Cases:

Election Security

Intelligence shows that foreign actors are already interfering in the 2020 U.S. election. How should the United States respond? 

Click here to view the pop-up case, published 02/27/2020.

Americans voting on election day in front of an U.S. flag

Coronavirus Response

The Wuhan Coronavirus has spread to tens of thousands of people across several countries, threatening to become a global pandemic. How should the United States respond to contain the virus and ease public fears?

Click here to view the pop-up case, published 02/06/2020.

Single person walking forward covered in blue mask

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