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Russia and NATO in the Baltics

Russia and NATO in the Baltics SMALL PROMO IMAGE

Case Overview

The demands of ethnic Russian factory workers for political rights in Latvia grow increasingly violent and a Russian special operations unit covertly enters Latvian territory.

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The Situation

In recent months, relations between Latvia’s ethnic Latvian majority and its ethnic Russian minority have grown more tense. An insurgent faction, Rodina, has arisen within Latvia’s traditional ethnic Russian political party, Harmony, and has reached out to nationalist groups within Russia. Strikes at several factories in Russian-majority towns have turned unexpectedly violent. When intelligence services receive information that a Russian special operations unit has crossed the border and established a command center in one of the factories, the Latvian prime minister declares a state of emergency and imposes martial law. Soon afterward, U.S. intelligence agencies detect the presence of significant Russian military concentrations on the Latvian border. The United States faces a seeming repetition of Russian actions in Ukraine, but the stakes for the United States and its allies are considerably higher in Latvia, a fellow member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) that the United States is bound by treaty to help defend. National Security Council members must consider a number of variables as they meet to choose among potential responses, such as how to balance diplomatic and military action, work efficiently with Congress and NATO allies, develop effective public explanations of policy, and send Moscow a strong signal of Western determination without provoking Russian escalation.





  • Collective defense obligations under the North Atlantic Treaty’s Article 5
  • Relationships among ethnic communities in the Baltic states
  • Post–Cold War expansion of the European Union and NATO and Russia’s relations with these institutions
  • Russia’s political evolution and the legacy and effects of its action in Ukraine

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